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Maintain your garden irrigation system

Residential irrigation install and maintenance

You’ve just built the garden of your dreams, congrats! But now what?

Don’t lay awake at night worrying about complicated maintenance systems and unnecessarily complex residential irrigation design. Let us wash your worries away (and keep your plants happy while you’re at it).

Lushgrow offers a full service – installation and maintenance of easy-to-operate garden irrigation systems to keep your garden not just surviving, but thriving, all on a schedule that suits you.

As a certified irrigation installer (Certificate III), you can trust us to set up your irrigation right. We also install Smart Irrigation, where you’ll have complete, remote control to change your irrigation as you need to. Plus, the Smart Irrigation will even change the programming depending on the weather – so you don’t have to touch a button. You’ll love knowing that your garden is water-efficient, as well as beautiful.

From small residential sprinkler systems to large-scale parks and commercial grounds, we can tailor a garden irrigation set-up to suit your green spaces.

Looking to further maximise your water efficiency? We can also provide consistent maintenance and servicing, reducing your water and power bill too.

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