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Exceptional landscape designers in Newcastle

Horticultural consultancy and landscape design

Can’t see the forest for the trees? Here at Lushgrow, we believe that professional advice, knowledge and experience all combine to produce the best possible outcomes for your garden. We’re here for your needs with expert landscape design in.

We’ll help you pick the right plants from the beginning to make your garden sing. We’ll work with you to determine the plants that are going to thrive, as well as look beautiful and suit your needs. We’ll also test your soil to ensure the ongoing health of your plants, and recommend ongoing maintenance to get the best out of your garden.

Whether you need a total landscape design or just some technical advice, we can help.  And if you can’t spot your Philodendrons from your Anthuriums, don’t worry – we’re here to decode the jargon and find the right fit for your garden.

Ready to put down roots? Get in touch with the best landscape designers in Newcastle.